The Minister of Internal Affairs, Retired Brigadier Taluva, has delivered a strong warning to commercial drivers, Keh Keh riders, and bike riders in Freetown, stressing the importance of adhering to traffic rules and regulations.

The Minister’s message comes as part of a renewed effort to maintain order on the city’s roads and ensure the safety of all citizens.

“With immediate effect until the 31st of August, all breakdown vehicles that have been causing obstructions along the streets of Freetown must be removed”. The Minister emphasized that no street garages will be allowed during this period. This measure aims to alleviate traffic congestion and prevent unnecessary disruptions to the flow of vehicles.

Furthermore, the Minister specifically addressed bike riders, urging them not to park at Central Business District (CBD) junctions.

This directive is essential to maintain smooth traffic flow in critical areas of the city and to prevent potential hazards caused by improper parking.

Commercial drivers and Keh Keh riders were also cautioned not to disregard traffic rules. The Minister underscored the importance of respecting speed limits, traffic signals, and other rules to safeguard the lives of passengers, pedestrians, and fellow road users.

The Minister of Internal Affairs concluded the announcement by reiterating the seriousness of the measures and warned that those who fail to comply with the directives would face appropriate consequences as per the law.

This announcement from the Minister of Internal Affairs is a clear signal that the government is taking proactive steps to ensure road safety and orderliness within Freetown. It is expected that the citizens and the concerned stakeholders will cooperate fully with these directives to create a safer and more efficient urban environment.