Following to the public notice from Cribs International Warning record labels to deviate from working with The Therapist without their knowledge,  the celebrity has on his Instagram handle reacted to this.

It is undoubtedly true that The Therapist is one of Sierra Leone’s most loved entertainer. He has within a year grow so fast like a blazing fire in the hamattan season. It is also for certain that, despite the talent the artist has, the record label has a big role to play in packaging the celebrity to the fans which Cribs International has done for Jacob.

From the look of things, Cribs International and The Therapist have hidden conflicts which has urged the celebrity into doing shows and performance on behalf of his management.

With dismay on the said of Cribs,  in a public notice,  noted that the artiste “Jacob Evangelista” publicly known as The Therapist is signed to the record label Cribs International Limited.

“We” or “US” and no such other affiliates.

Contrary to the binding agreement between Artiste and Us. the Artiste has breached the Agreement by alienating the Record Label in conducting businesses with third parties and receiving monies directly without recourse to the Record Label

Our artist has been seen partying with various executives and A/Rs in Nigeria and also performing in clubs without the consent of the label.” Cribs International disclosed on the notice.

As the truth of the is matter is still hidden to The Therapist’s actions of going behind his record label, but took to his Instagram handle with a Nigerian gospel video that portrays The Therapist laughing as he tagged Cribs International on the post.

‘Shey you dey wine me ni’ as the title of the video could have many meaning in parts of Nigeria, but in the context of Sierra Leone depicts a patient person that is being offended several times but insist on letting the cat out of the bad.

As it stands now, the conflict between The Therapist and Cribs International is still hidden but there something under the hood which will be unveiled in a matter of time.

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