following a reported conflict between crop and animal farmers in Moyamba District southern part of Sierra Leone, a dwelling house owned by a cattle reader Alhaji Ibrahim Jalloh has been mysteriously set ablaze with other two boys who were sleeping residing in the same resident were burnt to ash.
This is according to an eye witness who maintained that the two boys were residing with the cattle rarer whilst b their parents. The matter has been officially reported to the Tiaama Police Station and the remains of the two boys have been taken to the Moyamba Government Hospital for post-mortem exam to ascertain the cause of their death.

One of the residents of where the incident took place Said John Amara told that the alleged arson and other similar vices have occurred without the police intervene, nothing for the past couple of Months, cattle rarer and their cattle have seriously been b under attack without the police taking action.

John Amara further pointed out that very recently a wife of cattle rarer was allegedly shot dead in Falaba District.

He said since that time to date the police have not made any arrest. Be has therefore implored the police to investigate the reported matter before they go out of hands as their fundamental responsibility is to prevent lives and property.