The United States Embassy in Freetown has expressed concern regarding recent incidents in the lead up to the upcoming elections and has reminded all political parties of their commitment to nonviolence.

In a tweet on their social media handle the embassy urged all parties involved to conduct themselves in a peaceful manner.

We are concerned about recent incidents in the lead up to the elections and we remind all parties of their pledge committing to nonviolence. The U.S. Embassy urges all parties to conduct themselves in a peaceful manner”

As Sierra Leone prepares for the crucial electoral process, tensions have been mounting, and there have been reports of violence and clashes between supporters of different political factions.

The U.S. Embassy’s intervention comes as a timely reminder of the importance of maintaining peace and stability during this critical period.

The U.S. Embassy’s plea for peaceful conduct echoes similar calls made by international organizations and domestic stakeholders, who have emphasized the importance of respecting democratic values and ensuring a peaceful transition of power through the electoral process.

With the elections fast approaching, it is imperative for political actors to exercise restraint, foster a climate of tolerance, and resolve any disputes or differences through peaceful means. The U.S. Embassy’s reminder serves as a vital message to all stakeholders, encouraging them to prioritize the democratic ideals that underpin Sierra Leone’s progress and prosperity.