Deputy Minister of Justice, Umaru Napoleon Koroma has refutes news making rounds on Social media about him involving in an accident

The Minister clarifies the air by stating that the news making rounds on Social Media that he was involved in an accident recently on his way to his home district of Koinadugu is untrue.

Napoleon confirms that he travelled with four other ministries from the district travelled yesterday in their respective vehicles to sympathize with people affected by the fire disaster in Kabala town.

Napoleon confirms that the Deputy Minister of Political Affairs was involved in an accident and his team driving behind them came to their rescue.

The Deputy Minster concluded by stating that he reported the accident and took him, his security to the hospital in Kabala and later to Freetown. He assured the public that they are safe and all in a stable condition.

He concluded by thanking his family, colleagues, and dear friends who have been calling to check on me.
I’m doing perfectly okay. Good bless us and may the bond continue