Having secured 97% of the valid votes cast in the first round of voting, the Provincial Secretary of Northeast region has declared Dr. Joseph B Tholley winner of the Kafe chiefdom chieftaincy election, and duly elected Paramount Chief.

“By the powers conferred on me as the returning officer of the Kafe chiefdom chieftaincy elections, I hereby declared Dr. Joseph B. Tholley who scored 143 votes with a percentage of 97.9% winner and Paramount chief elect of Kafe chiefdom,” Simeon Fatoma, Northeast region Provincial Secretary said during the announcement of the final results.

On May 29th 2022, Kafe chiefdom, in Tonkolili district, goes to elections to elect its Paramount chief, and Dr. Tholley contested alongside three of his Tholley brothers from Kafe chiefdom’s four chieftaincy ruling houses.

Openly conducted in the presence of observers, the media, chiefdom tribal authorities, and security, the election were believed to be free, fair and credible. In fact, the other three candidates were seen dancing and singing together with the winner and Paramount Chief elect.

Giving analysis of the results, the Northeast regional Commissioner for the Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone said, section 28 of the Chieftaincy Act gives the Electoral Commission powers to conduct and supervised all Paramount Chieftaincy elections in Sierra Leone.

Out of the 147 electorates, Commissioner Abu Bakarr Koroma said, the new Paramount chief scored 143 votes of the valid votes cast with a percentage of 97.9. Hassan Tholley, the other candidate scored 2 votes, while Alhaji and Mohamed Tholley scored one and zero vote respectively. One valid vote was recorded in the election.

The Commission, the regional Commissioner said only conducts the election, but don’t have the right to declare the winner.

“The Provincial Secretary will announce the results as mandated by law,” Commissioner Koroma said.

Announcing the final results, the Provincial Secretary said, the results before him shows that Dr. Tholley was winner of the 2022 Kafe chiefdom Paramount chieftaincy election. And he’s therefore declaring Dr. Tholley the Paramount Chief elect of Kafe chiefdom.

The newly elected chief is to be called PC Dr. Masakma Madibie Tholley 11. Immediately after he was declared the winner, the Paramount Chief was escorted by armed security men out of the chiefdom in an undisclosed location. Singing and dancing of mammoth supporters of the new chief and people of Kafe chiefdom climaxed the colourful ceremony.