The US Ambassador to Sierra Leone, Bryan Hunt, has disclosed that the $1.5 million given to the Electoral Review Committee has nothing to do with re-running the election.

Ambassador Hunt made this statement during the MOICE weekly press conference when asked about rumors circulating that the $1.5 million given to the Committee is intended for a re-run of the 2023 Elections.

He emphasized the need for people to understand that running an election costs tens and hundreds of millions of dollars, and $1.5 million cannot cover such expenses.

He clarified that the funds are specifically allocated to the Electoral Review Committee, ensuring it can benefit from international experts as they review Sierra Leonean laws. This approach aims to facilitate crucial consultations with the Sierra Leonean people.

In a strong rebuttal against misinformation, Ambassador Hunt asserted that anyone claiming the $1.5 million is designated for a re-run of the election is spreading false information.

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