Sierra Leoneans were left bemused several days ago after the US Dollars for the first time in more than a year plummeted against their local currency, Leones.

According to Exchange Rate Guru, the 100 US Dollars is now less than NLe 1,800.

The cost of 100 United States Dollars in Sierra Leonean Leones today is 1,766,500 SLL according to the ‘Open Exchange Rates’ compared to yesterday, the exchange rate remained unchanged,” Exchange Rate Guru said.

Although some locals are jubilant over the new rate, the Government is silent over the new rates.

The Johns Hopkins Hancke Currency Watchlist ranked the Leone as the fifth most depreciated currency in the world for the year 2022.

The country’s Acting Bank Governor Dr. Ibrahim Stevens earlier this year put several measures in place to ameliorate the continuous plummeting of the Leones against the US Dollars and other foreign currencies. (Tramadol)

Some locals have complained that while the dollar continues to fall food stuffs are still at a high rate.

The apple cedar (juice) I bought NLe 10 two days ago is still the same,” Local journalist, Musa Kamara complained on his Facebook page.

Sierra Leoneans are facing rising inflation which the Government has pinned on the protracted effect of the war in Ukraine.

The West African nation imports large quantity of food stuff including staple food, rice.