The United States (US) Embassy in Freetown encouraged visa applicants to ignore an automated message telling them that their application has been canceled.

On the US Embassy’s social pages, they called on applicants not to worry about it stating that they can still go for their visa appointment without paying another application fee again.

The Embassy further stated that applicants need not submit a new application either.

Don’t worry! You can still come in for your visa appointment and you DO NOT need to pay the application fee again, and you do not need to submit a new application.”

They stated the reasons as to why the automated messages were sent which was to reduce visa appointment wait time.

“In order to reduce visa appointment, wait times, a number of visa appointments for next year were canceled, and earlier appointment dates were made available,” they stated.

They encourage everyone that applicants can now go on an earlier date for their appointment, and they don’t need to reapply or pay again.

That means, you can come in EARLIER for your visa appointment and you don’t need to reapply or pay again.”

At the end they advised what applicants can now do following the automated message which is to log in with their current details and choose a new date.

All you need to do is log in again to the same system that you originally scheduled your appointment for, and pick a new date,” they ended.