As one of the biggest entertainment events in the country ECOFEST is coming up, vertex media an online platform mainly focuses on entertainment has requested fair payment for sierra Leonean artists performing.

This request came after Falz a Nigerian artist who will be performing at the event is said to be paid $23,000 with the exclusion of hotel and flight fees for him and his team.

Vertex Media requested half of that amount to be paid to each sierra Leonean artist performing at the event.

“$23,000 for Falz? Wow! And that excludes flight and hotel for him and his team.
I just wish our Sierra Leonean acts are paid at least half of that amount, each, to perform. With all due respect to some of these foreign stars, we can still have great events with the likes of Drizilik, Therapist, Star Zee, and others, instead of paying that much to foreign acts without respect, you can get a better deal and a successful event will top Salone acts. This is just an opinion, and we respect the private business/investment of the ECOFEST team”.