In a press briefing held with the Diplomatic Community at the Ministry of foreign Affairs, the National Security Coordinator Abdulai Caulker disclose that Kamakwie was put under siege by the protesters till 5am on Thursday. The meeting came as a result of the violence that erupted Wednesday in the City of Freetown and other parts of the count , where over 12 people are reported dead including five police officers .

According to the ONS Boss, who was also part of the briefing, he said the Security forces gained control of Kamakwie around 6am in the morning.
Chairing the briefing, The Minister of Foreign Affairs Professor David Francis described the protesters as terrorists.

” There was nothing peaceful about the demonstrations.”where the protesters were carrying guns and other weapons Killing People and destroying properties.

He said the destructions were exhibited mainly in the strong hold of the APC , in Freetown, in the North and North West of the country, where places like the South and East of the country were calm.

This is a violent insurrection by terrorists whose primary aims was to destroy the peace and tranquility of the country. ” He said five officers were Killed two in Freetown, two in Kamakwie and one in Makeni, including six civilians and the burning of police stations and properties