Police in Waterloo, in a drug raid, have arrested 67 people in several communities in the Western Rural District of Waterloo.

Waterloo Police said 57 men and 10 women were arrested at Tombo Junction, 555 park, Gbeyshan, Deep Eye Water and Madina Wallahi Village at Tombo Village.

“Huge quantum of kush and cannabis sativa together with equipment (scale, scissors, plastic bags etc) used in the processing of the narcotics were arrested by the Police as exhibits,” the Police said.

During the raid, Police said several makeshift structures and shacks used as trading and assembling points by drug dealers and addicts were destroyed.

Crime Officer at Waterloo Police, Detective Assistant Police Superintendent (D/ASP) Joseph Lansana said the arrested suspects will appear at the King Yard Magistrate Court in Waterloo.

Sierra Leone is currently experiencing a proliferation in the sale and usage of the K2 drug popularly known as kush. Police have made several raids and arrests in parts of the country but they recently called on the local population to help curb the spate at which the drug is affecting communities.