The Leadership of the All People’s Congress Party has in a press release informing the public about the party’s reconciliation plan in order to win the 2022 and 2023 elections in the country. 

Prior to this notice, the party had held an engagement with its leadership, key stakeholders, and the Big 6 in Makeni where they had agreed to take certain actions over the forthcoming weeks to ensure victory in the coming 2022 Local Council, 2023 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections. 

They thanked and appreciated their members especially the BIG 6 for their sustained commitment to the party and its leadership.

The notice continued that the decision reached in Makeni would be upheld in order to ensure peace and tranquility between members. 

They appealed to members to refrain from cursing and using invectives against each other. 

They ended by adding that all pending matters in court will soon be resolved amicably. 

The release reads as follows.


The Leadership of the APC wishes to inform the general public that the party has now agreed on a roadmap for peace, reconciliation, and healing in our party and a set of actions shall be undertaken over the coming weeks and months to ensure victory for our party in the 2022 Local Council Elections and 2023 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections. This conclusion was reached yesterday 25 May 2021 in Makeni following a very successful meeting between the leadership of the APC, key stakeholders of the Party, and the BIG 6.

The Leadership of the APC wishes to appreciate the BIG 6 for their sustained commitment to the APC and its Leadership, and for their patience and maturity displayed in the midst of all accusations which they vehemently denied.

The Leadership of the Party hereby appeals to all members and well-wishers to uphold the decision reached in Makeni and to ensure that peace and tranquility prevail in our beloved Party.

The Leadership is also appealing to all members of the Party to refrain from cursing and the use of invectives against comrades with immediate effect. We are comrades and we must treat each other with dignity and respect.

The Leadership further wishes to make it known that concrete steps are being taken to ensure that all matters currently before the courts are resolved amicably within the shortest possible time.