The chairman of APC Alfred Peter Conteh has urged party supporters in Kenema to ensure that they all register as the only way out is through the ballot He made this call while addressing party supporters at the Nyandeyama section in Kenema on Monday.

He disclosed that he decided to come to the region because it is in this region that they were calling people Topp and he believes that people are not top up.

Adding APC is for all Sierra Leoneans regardless of tribe or region, calling someone top-up in politics is not correct. He said his team is in Kenema for the party members to know that they are back as a party selection in the APC party is now a thing of the past, saying selection affected a lot of people in the party.

Now is the time for the people to choose their leader this time round. The power is in the hands of the people he said, adding that he wants Kenema to know that they have an interim leader Isaac that is managing the affairs of the party, for now, he is the chairman until he resigns or otherwise as the legitimately appointed chairman as he was appointed by the ITGC.

He disclosed that he started his in the Kailahun district where they have constituency 001. From Kailahun to Kenema, then they will continue to Pujehun, Bonthe, Moyamba, and Kono district

Talking about registration in the country, he said he usually goes out in the field to find out what is going on as there are several assumptions, and allegations

He further revealed that the areas he has visited are calm as the registration is going on well.

He told his supporters to maintain peace in Sierra Leone all have to accept or agree that there is only one government, that is the SLPP that is in charge at the moment which all must accept as a democracy.

As a party, the only way we are going to remove SLPP is if there is going to be the opportunity it will be through the ballot box. For now, it is good for us all to pay attention and exercise our democratic rights the correct way.

I believe that to maintain peace in Sierra Leone we first have to agree that we can only have one government at a time, we should not have a parallel government, and nobody should assume that because his or her party is not in power therefore he or she will not accept the other person.

Come 24th June 2023 all will be allowed to use the ballot box to elect their leaders and it is the only way. Kenema only needs a little bit of push for it to be painted red very soon. Maintain peace always and at all times he concluded. The singing of party songs climaxed tour in the Kailahun district where