The misunderstanding between Sierra Leone’s Entertainment Ambassador, Kao Denero and All Stars President, Colabo is taking a new twist as fans have threaten to call for the dismissal of Kao Denero.

Few days ago, Kao Denero shared on his Facebook page with excitement that he had a brief discussion with Colabo. Their discussion should have continued the following day with which both parties agreed to. Later the day, Colabo did not show up for the meeting and he refused to answer Kao Denero’s call.

Immediately Kao Denero made the post about Colabo, fans started blaming Colabo. This made Colabo do a Facebook live and clear the air.

According to Colabo in a Facebook live, he said he was watching a football game and he did not notice the calls of Kao Denero. He said as soon as he got home, he wanted to call Kao Denero. When he checked on Facebook, he found out that Kao Denero had posted it already.

Unfortunately have tried inviting my brother Colabo to meetings and tonight was the same outcome.Not showing up and not answering my calls after committing to an appointment. This is very disappointing sierra leone.” – he wrote

This got Colabo angry as he said Kao Denero is trying to castigate him so that the fans will look at him as a bad person.

He pointed out a few reasons why he did not show up for the meeting and he did not answer his calls.
On the Facebook live, he also mentioned issues that have been transpiring between them like Kao Denero not showing up for his hit single which featured him and Star Zee for the video shoot, etc.

After his Facebook live, some fans concluded that Kao Denero is wrong because he did not follow due process to invite Colabo for the meeting. They described it as a form of disrespect and unprofessional.



A comment from a fan on Sierraloaded Music page on Facebook says:

“I have listened to both sides of the story. Kao is absolutely wrong on this. He didn’t treat the situation as a professional, there was no need of taking the issue at public when he didn’t hear from Colabo. If he keeps acting like this we’re going to call for his dismissal”.

Another comment on the same post says:

Sometimes people ignore the truth just to side the wrong one you guys should listen to Colabo explanations good and proper before you make your judge and by the way Kao has alway giving attitude over his fellow musicians (monkey nor the lef ei black hand) Kao sef sef get problem”.

A fan of Kao Denero also stated that:

Kao dae form bo true say talk me..any discussion pas e put am na media bo too tok…ar swear to dis holy month na me artist ooo ,ar don fuck plenty niggas up for e sake . Ar no say man den go wan cam at me hmmm bt me sef gt d hip hop n d black leo spirit ooo.una way get d opportunity for talk to am una advises bo if e dae take advice,he dae tok tok t2 much….ar dae wait …BLACK LEO we move”.

Meanwhile, Kao Denero has not made any public response to Colabo since his live video.