The 99 Tactics of Sierra Leone Opposition Party, the All People’s Congress Party has been exposed by the Leader of the National Reformation Movement (NRM).

Leader of the National Reformation Movement (NRM), Mohamed Sheridan Kamara Esq., come down heavily on the APC Leadership by exposing their 99 Tactics and vile plan to renew their tenure of office in the national executive which had expired on the 15th June, 2021.

While speaking to journalists at a press confab convened at Sierra Leone Association of Journalists Conference Hall on the 16th June, 2021, the Leader of NRM said they deemed it fit to bring to the public domain about the machinated plan of the current APC nationals executive to extend their stay in office after its tenure had expired on the 15th June intimating how such plan has the proclivity to undermine the party’s internal democracy. He stressed that as a movement they would continue to stoutly resist such move by the APC Leadership.

Sheridan gave the objective of the formation of NRM, which he said, is to reform the internal politics of the All People’s Congress and checkmate the excesses of the current leadership, underscoring since the formation of the movement they are fighting for a democracy that guarantees equal rights to every member of the party.

“We are particularly pleased to inform the public that the NRM, never to be demoralized, has once again mobilized all its splinter factions into a single movement. The need for collaboration until a democratic constitution is adopted has subsumed the reform factions under a single umbrella. This merger has effectively lay to rest the split within the movement and rendered useless the agents, quislings, turncoats and instruments of the establishment’s unending schemes,” he disclosed.

The Leader of NRM also brought to the fore the deceptiveness of the APC defunct leadership in delaying the adoption of a democratic constitution by filling unproductive and pointless appeals to the Court intimating in their view that the only reason the defunct leadership sticks to their unreasonable position is to buy time, prolong its illegal stay in leadership positions and undermine the party’s chances of winning the next elections.

Sheridan concluded by calling on the leadership of the APC to comply with the recent court orders to facilitate the setting up of an interim body that will conduct elections for the delegates so as not to undermine the gains made the negotiating team to bring peace in the APC.