Week one of Housemate Salone Season 3 reality TV show has elapsed as four contenders out of the ten up for eviction were expected to leave the house.

Out of the ten, the four with the lowest votes were chosen based on their Tit Tok challenge in the house.

Another voting was announced on stage to save two of the contestant, from that secured the least votes from the Tik Tok challenge. Alman and Ina were expected to leave the house, fortunately for them the audience and other contestant were given the privilege to vote on either stay in the house.

At the end of the eviction ceremony, the organisers announced that all 22 contestants will be up for eviction for this week with four going home.

Continued stay of a particular Housemate largely depends on members of the public who have been given the unlimited opportunity or task or ‘Yagba’ to vote for their favourite Housemates.

To do so, the organizers of the Reality TV Show and Africell SL, have made it easy for members of the public via AFRIMONEY by simply Dialing: **161*10* plus the NUMBER of an Housemate from an Africell line.

It could also be done online by going to: https://housematessl.com or https://www.africell.sl and follow the instructions there.

As it was stated it is only votes by members of the public that could save a particular Housemate to continue staying in the House which is why voting by members of public really matters.