Controversy has risen as to what members of the All People’s Congress should discuss at the Emergency National Delegates Conference of the Party, which is set to hold in September 2021.

The conduct of the APC Emergency National Delegates Conference was ordered by Justice Adrian Fisher for the purpose of adopting the amended draft constitution by the Party. This Court Order has sparked controversy among leaders of APC as to what the Order strictly mean.

The National Publicity Secretary, Mr. Sidi Yaya Tunis, said, while interpreting the Order, that the Party will only focus on adoption the draft constitution, adding that the Court Order does not extend to addressing membership issues of the Party.

Responding to Mr. Tunis, Sylvia Olayinka Blyden remarked that, “Tunis is talking utter nonsense”, stating that Mr. Tunis misinterpreted the Order of Justice Adrian Fisher in an attempt to put aside the Sam Sumana membership issue. Mrs. Blyden noted that the Court Order includes adopting the draft constitution and dealing with unresolved membership issues.

She cautioned Osman Foday Yansaneh and Ernest Bai Koroma about defying court orders, stating that failing to deal with “unresolved membership issues” at the upcoming Convention will amount to contempt of court.