What’s on my mind right now? My country Sierra Leone.

Let me say straightaway that I have NO political affiliation. All I desire is for Sierra Leone to become a country where ALL Its citizens, not just the favored few, can lead decent and dignified lives.

It should offend every Sierra Leonean who truly loves the country that we remain mired in poverty after almost 60 years of independence, with miles of coastline, beaches of breath-taking beauty, hectares upon hectares of arable land, reliable rainfall, rich mineral deposits, AND a population of a mere 7 million ( think of India with its 1.2 billion people, China with its 1.3 billion, or to come nearer home, Nigeria with its 186 million people, and South Africa with its 51 million +). To think that we go to China with our begging bowls. BO!!! WI NOR GEH SHEM?!

It is an absolute disgrace that:
70% of the population is illiterate, and even among the literate, only a small percentage are really educated;

Basic sanitation is still lacking in the greater part of the country;

Clean water is not assured in the greater part of the country;

Life expectancy is under 50 years of age;

Modern health care is almost non-existent for most people;

Corruption and cronyism remain rampant;

The legal system is a shambles… Oh, I could go on and on.

The point of this morning rant is that once again there is chance for the country to at least start turning around; but so far, the prospects are not looking good. Yesterday, I was reminded about what happened in 1985 when President Siaka Stevens imposed Joseph Saidu Momoh on the country. We all know how that sorry saga ended. Sierra Leone is in a hole, yet we keep on digging.

To echo Dr. Jonah at one of Bintumani Conferences in the 1990s, SIERRA LEONEANS, WAKE UP!!!!!!