Popular Fake Degree whistleblower, Dr. John Idriss Lahai has in the early hours of Sunday 19 June, 2022 shaved off his hair in solidarity with Sierra Leonean Rapper, Boss LA.

Yesterday evening Dr. John Idriss Lahai called on well-meaning Sierra Leoneans (at home and abroad) to shave their heads in solidarity with Boss LA.

“I shaved off my hair. I will appear with my shaved head for tomorrow’s fake degree review. I stand with LAJ. #JusticeForLAJ, ” he posted.

“Our hair is our “being” and it is a representation of our Human dignity. It is an entitlement not a privilege! Human dignity is not reserved for the people we like. We cannot take it from the people we hate!! “

According to Dr. Lahai what happened to Boss LA could happen to any Sierra Leoneans, adding that the rapper deserves justice.

Earlier today the fake degree crusader took to Facebook with a hair clipper which he used to shave his hair.

In the the video he stated that LA is a suspect as the press release from the Sierra Leone Police stated and thus his fundamental rights stay intact.

“Foday Sankoh who committed war crimes during the brutal civil war was kept at Benghazi for a whole year, yet his hair was not shaved so why should the police shave the rapper’s dreadlocks?” Dr. Lahai questioned.

During the live Facebook video, he further mentioned that the treatments meted on the rapper is unfair and utterly condemned such act.

Dr. Lahai went on to call on the attention of President Bio noting that he should be a President for not just people like Kao Denero but equally people like Boss LA, adding that the president should intervene and let the right things done.

The whistleblower later questioned the whereabouts of the rappers hair, stating that he is “going to count them one after another to ensure no one has taken it to do ‘juju’.”

He said that Boss LA has the right to sue the state for what has been done to him at Benghazi, adding that even those at Pademba road Correctional Centre are not treated in such manner.

“What if the court of law finds the young man not guilty, what’s the necessity of shaving his hair then?” He asked.