In recent times, Madam Chief has  given several topics for housemates to research and make presentation on. Popular Housemate contender  Nohmi George did a lengthy presentation on the topic Stigmatization.

In his famous presentation, Nohmi George  cited Julie Tombo as a fine example of someone who is enduring stigmatization as a result of her six children.

What is Stigmatization? Stigmatization is the labeling and having negative views towards people from a certain group.It can also be define as the discriminating process of ascribing shame and humiliation to an individual on the basis of the diversity they present.

It involves assigning the individual concerned to a certain socially disregarded group, which leads to social disapproval, loss or diminished status, marginalization, humiliation, exclusion. Being also referred as social stigma, it comprises labelling, stereotyping and prejudicing, differentiating, separating, and discrimination.

Julie is a mother to six adorable children all residing with her in the United States of America. She’s contesting to win the most eagerly anticipated reality show ever in Sierra Leone Housemates Salone Season 3. She has being stigmatized by some people for having different fathers for her six children.

Age 29 soon to hit the BIG 30!! The possibility of a better life for her and her children is the motivation for her going into the house.

If Julie wins Housemates Salone season 3 competition, it will give her the chance to empower herself and of course her children, but also Julie intends to empower other young mothers who have been victims of stigmatisation.

She also aims to raise awareness on early teenage pregnancies and educate young Women and Men on the importance of safe sex.