It has been revealed that what caused the SLPP’s poor showing in the recent bye-elections was bad politics – SLPP undermining SLPP.

In the Western Area, The Satellite found out that the party’s loss in Constituency 107 was due to certain SLPP supporters refusing to vote for the candidate the National Chairman and the Secretary General awarded the party’s symbol to.

The same thing repeated itself in Kenema and in Kailahun. In Kenema, the Independent candidate who won is said to have been fielded by Maada Bio.

Dr. Foday Kallon, an ardent and very sober-minded Sierra Leone People’s Party supporter, has given a clinical analysis of the main reason why the SLPP for not learning from its past keeps losing crucial test of popularity elections to the All Peoples Congress.

In an article with a long title: “The Mathematical and Historical Analysis of Repeated and Miserable SLPP Electioneering Mistakes”, this very erudite political scientist narrates the circumstances that led to the SLPP losing the 1967 general elections.

Since the article has been widely circulated in the local dailies, The Satellite would only give the main reason why, according to Dr. Kallon’s findings, SLPP keeps losing crucial elections to the APC.

According to him, it has to do with personality clashes, disunity and the party’s inability to arrive at agreeable compromises.

These factors, he said, led to the SLPP losing to the APC in 1967, 2007 and 2012.

The long standing disunity within the Sierra Leone Peoples Party has left many non-partisan Sierra Leoneans bewildered; and its supporters frustrated as to what really the future holds for one of Africa’s oldest political parties.

Only further divisions and ultimate disintegration, moaned one SLPP supporter after the results of the bye-elections were announced.

Many objective minded SLPP supporters who said they are sickened and revolted with the childish and immature behavior of the SLPP executive maintain that in the face of what has befallen the party, the SLPP either unites now or be ready to hand over the coming 2018 elections to the APC on a silver platter.

It is now very evident that the ethnic and regional divisions existing between members of the SLPP keeps widening by the day.

It is not anything new, said one very frustrated SLPP supporter who said we only have to look back and see that the SLPP has been disunited since its 2005 delegates’ conference in Makeni.

Since that time, the SLPP has been unable to come together as ‘One Country, One People’.

John Mukeh, an SLPP supporter living in the east end of the city, blasted that the SLPP which claims to be full of educated men is unable to make headway because the party is split right down the middle.

Who has ever seen a divided house stand against a formidable invader, Mukeh asked rhetorically.

With none of those fighting to lead the SLPP into the next elections willing to eat humble pies in the interest of furthering the party’s common goal of retaking State House, Mukeh stated that the more personalities at home and abroad who express interest in taking the party into the 2018 elections, the more the support groups emerge.

The entering of Dr. Kandeh Yumkella into the flag bearer fray, he said, has only added more fuel to the already blazing fire in the SLPP.

What the voting public has showed the SLPP in the bye-elections is that they would rather vote for a united and purposeful APC than a scattered and rancorous SLPP.

The expulsion of Ambassador Alie Bangura and the unanswered question of Dr. Yumkella’s membership all points to a deeply divided SLPP, much to the happiness of a strong and united APC.

As things stand, everybody can now clearly see that the SLPP is full of personality cracks, regional tensions, selfishness and greed.

These are the main reasons neutral observers of what is happening in the SLPP say will ultimately lead to its falling and breaking into pieces like Humpty Dumpty sitting on the wall.