The disturbing reports form medical doctors that Mohammed Kamarainba Mansaray will die in prison if not flown abroad immediately for better treatment, many people say, seems not to trouble those in authority including the international community in Sierra Leone.

Kamarainba who is answering to a charge of Sexual Penetration in Freetown high court presided by justice Samuel Taylor, has been diagnosed with severe health condition which needs urgent attention. Kamarainba’s new medical examination report has removed protracted illness for which he may be flown out of Sierra Leone to abroad for treatment.

He has been complaining of pain during urination and poor stream of urine for the past 11 months and he recently loosely urinated openly in court. Dr Thaimu Buya Kamara who conducted the examination on him said that he has been diagnosed with chronic inflammation of the prostate gland called in medical terms ‘chronic prostatitis’ and that the ultrasound scan revealed that his prostate gland appears to be enlarged in size.

Dr Kamara said that accused illness could be treated with antibiotics and (TURP Surgery) Transurethral Resection of the Prostate, which cannot be done in the patient’s present location, adding that his findings was backed up by the chief medical officer, Dr Thomas Samba. Specialist physician at Ministry of Health and Sanitation discovers hypertension, with a possible damage of heart and kidney and prostates among other illnesses.

AYV News reports that, Mansaray’s symptoms, medical months and urinary frequency has increased from 12-15 to 35-40 times per day and that his medical papers further indicates that he has been struggling recurrent febrile illnesses. He was on treatment but the number of treatments he got from medical professionals in Sierra Leone could not halt subsequently attacked by chest pain palpations which occurred in episodes lasting 10 minutes in the last 3 months. This situation continues to be a terrible one for Kamarainba who has languished for years behind bars.