It was such a shocking event as the current President of the Republic of Guinea, Colonel Doumbouya landed in Sierra Leone with his massive security personnel that caused panic in the minds of many Sierra Leoneans.

Before the arrival of Col. Doumbouya in Sierra Leone, a report from Sierraloaded disclosed that the Guinea President would visit the country few hours before his arrival. Sierra Leoneans who are following up to the happenings of the government were in a state of perplexity and surprise to such an event happening in the country without a press statement from the government.

The Guinean Leader was alleged to have come on a day working visit to His Excellency the President, Rtd. Brig. Julius Maada Bio to strengthen the long standing bilateral relationship between the two sister countries.

On his arrival in the country, he was welcomed by the Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh.

His visit to the country was unknown to many Sierra Leoneans and even members of the media. Mamady’s visit to Sierra Leone is not considered a bad thing but the manner the Sierra Leone government letting him without the public in the known, this caused panic around the Guinea – Freetown highway when his heavily loaded military troop entered the country.

Explaining his experience to this day Jaime Yaya Barry, Director of Environmental projects at Le Korsa among other Sierra Leoneans bitterly condemned the unannounced visit of the Mamady Doumbouya into the country without the public’s knowledge.

He continued that whosoever that thought it was a good idea in the manner the Junta President of Guinea to have entered the country with such security and military force just to frighten innocent Sierra Leoneans that have long ago witnessed such forces in the country should think again. This, Jaime categorized as lack of respect for our national territory to have allowed him with such convoy fully geared with heavy military weapons and alleged military vehicles well packed about 50.

Continuing to express his opinion on the said matter, Jaime Yaya Barry went on to blame the leaders of Sierra Leone for their decision to allow Mamady in such a convoy with snipers, armored tanks and special forces without the public having an insight of his visit.

Referencing a story that he allegedly witness at Waterloo where a Kekeh rider got the beating of his life by OSD pickup van for trying to highlight a passenger when Mamady’s convoy was as far as Masiaka. The Kekeh rider was later taken to the police station with his Kekeh.

“…Just let him show up and cause fear in our people. I saw a pickup full of OSD severely beat up a Kekeh driver at Waterloo because he was trying to put down a passenger. This was when Mamadi’s convoy was still at Massiaka. The OSD officers beat him, threw him in their pickup and took him and his Kekeh to a police station. This is after they blocked one side of the highway for Mamadi’s coming…” he disclosed.

With anger and dismay at the leaders of the country, Jaime blasted at their unfavorable and unpatriotic decisions towards the citizens of the country.

…You disrespected our national territory by allowing this guy to come to town like he rules us. You caused fear and panic in our people. Then you turn around and beat them up….” he concluded.

Among the reactions that went viral were:

To be honest, I felt terrified seeing such kind of convoy for the first time in my life it’s really scaring” Kama Kamara mentioned.

“U are getting it wrong OK. That Man was not elected President ,he came through the guy .. So for him to trust ECOWAS is a treat to his junta government..” Prince Turay commented this as a possible reason for Mamadi Doumbouya’s heavy convoy wherever he goes.

“I felt the same and intimidated. We also hide when we saw such barrage of military artilleries in our country” Alimamy Ibrahim Kamara disclosed.

With different reactions that range from missing Interviews as a result of traffic queue in town to memories of long war in Sierra Leone, Mohamed Kemoh Conteh ha this to say on the issue:

“U make a good point, but an illegitimate government can never trust any military power expect its own. Social media is power so the heads don’t deem it fit to issue a public Notice as it consider betrayal, let wait and see the outcome” he commented.

Could this be a possible reason why the Sierra Leone government did not issue a press statement from the office of the President about the visit because they are afraid of betrayal? We are hoping that the government updates the media on their meeting.