Former Mayor of Freetown, Yvonne Aki-Sawyer has confirmed in an interview with Epic Radio that 274m of taxpayers’ money was used to investigate her during her time in office. She confirmed that she saw the report and one of the output of the report is a ploy to replace a particular staff who is in charge of collecting money in the Council.

In reaction to an alleged corruption charge against her, she revealed that she is not guilty of any corruption and did not make any payment to the Anti-Corruption Commission. She added that she has no receipt or document on any alleged payment made to the Anti-Corruption Commission.

However, she revealed that in all her conversations she has refused not to pay and if someone made payment to the ACC without her knowledge, it is because people do have interest.

She confirmed in the said interview that when she launched the Transform Freetown Project, she committed to produce reports every year,  reports that update  “Freetonians” about the activities of all her projects which no other councils has done