It is with heavy hearts that we the students of Njala university, Freetown campus, write to bring to the notice of the public that the Njala University administration has decided to send all it undergraduate students in Freetown to Mokonde effective this October, 2022. This is indicated in a notice signed and published by the Ag. DEAN, SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY, Dr. Mohamed M. Blango on Friday 7th August, 2022.

The School of Technology of the University has been operating both in Mokonde and Freetown for the past years. The administration through representatives met with us to consult us on a decision to transfer us to Mokonde in a meeting held about three months ago, citing that they are undergoing too many expenses to run the Campus. But it is however a consultation, that our concerns will be noted for further decision taking.

In response, we (the students) told the representatives that:
Sending us to Mokonde is like *sending us out of course* because the majority of us are self-catered for, we pay our fees and other academic expenses on the little earnings we get from our day jobs. If we are transferred to Mokonde, we would not be able to meet our academic dues and other expenses.
Some of us are already third year, some in their final year, and others in second year. We pleaded with them to let us complete our courses here and do not accept any new in-taking for this campus.
Most of us applied in 2019 but were unable to continue because we had to go to Mokonde at the time. We only re-applied in 2020 because we were assured by the administration that we will be able to study in Freetown.

Despite all these responses the administration did not consider our plight, and has decided on transferring us to Mokonde.
It is on this note, we are kindly asking for the help of the public in any way possible, to put hands on deck with us and to help us engage the administration to reconsider their decision in sending us to Mokonde. We don’t want to drop out a of course especially now that we have come this far.