The action of Statistics SL to announce the results of 2021 Midterm Population and Housing Census without paying the Enumerators and Supervisors who managed and risk their lives to collect the data amidst the high political tension and views on the entire process shows how reckless and incompetent statistic as an institution is.

According to the aggrieved field staffs, Statistics SL is yet to pay 70% of them for the work that have been completed for over six months now.

Statistic Sierra Leone made a false public notice that payment have been made for all those who have satisfactorily completed their work and submitted their working equipment and Bank details but this has turned out to be untrue because it’s almost a month now and only 20% can confirm receiving their payment.

This logic by stats is considered gameplay on the minds of intellect who risk their lives to help them achieve their political ambition ‘Mid Term Census Data’.

These people are just behaving unprofessionally. They are considering their selves enrichment than the whole public. Some of us have loaned before this time and planning to repay the creditors upon payment of salaries” said the aggrieved workers.

“We are therefore, calling on the government as per making them aware of the fact that we have not received our payment yet, and we are seriously in need of our pay now” they added.

With that, they ended with these few words; “Nobody should blame us for whatever may happen in the future”.