A report from the Northern district town of Makeni revealed that major parts of the township recently submerged as a result of heavy down pour. The streets were flooded, destroying houses and properties worth millions of Leones.

The incident occurred after a swift torrential rain that lasted for less than an hour engulfed the entire township.

Residents have pointed accusing fingers at the then All Peoples Congress, APC government under the leadership of former President Ernest Bai Koroma for constructing what they referred to as ‘coatomistic’ roads within and outside the township of Makeni.

The former President promised to make Sierra Leone a works yard but the report states that most of the roads constructed during his tenure have rapidly deteriorated despite huge national resources being spent.

According to experts, development is considered a process that creates growth, progress, and positive change, it could be in the areas of economic growth, environmental, social, and demographic components.

In this context, therefore, the purpose of development is a rise in the level and quality of life of the population.

Sierra Leone has come a long way in its development strives but the cosmetic development left behind by former President Koroma and his APC party still lingers in the minds of Sierra Leoneans.

Recently the First Lady of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Her Excellency, Madam Fatima Maada Bio after her visit to Makeni, appealed for a quick repair of the main highway spanning from Magbele Junction through Makoth onto Makeni in the Bombali District.

She directed a special and urgent appeal to the Sierra Leone Roads Authority and the Road Maintenance Fund urging the authorities to take prompt action to reverse the poor condition of the road which currently poses serious threats to lives and properties.

A drive from Makeni also posted on social media the terrible condition of the said road and appeal to the government of President Bio for rehabilitation.
Since he took up administration, President Bio has been working very hard to provide essential services to the Sierra Leonean populace because he believed that the development process of any country should be cut across devoid of ethnic or tribal lines.

It was against that notion that the President commissioned the 48 million Euros (Le 634 billion) Magbele Bridge, saying that the 163-meter-long modern two-lane bridge, now provides a safer corridor for trade and commerce.

“In less than 4 years alone in Port Loko District, my government, with our Eu partners, has constructed this 163-meter-long modern two-lane bridge. In less than 4 years, we are constructing a $270 million USD airport terminal at Lungi, Port Loko District even when other people wanted to move the airport away from Lungi.

“In less than 4 years, we are reconstructing and modernizing the Tagrin ferry terminal and working on bridging 4 new ferries. In less than four years, we have reopened the iron-ore mines at Marampa, expanded its operations, and created more jobs for our people in Port Loko District,” he said.

I rest my case.