The main opposition All People’s Congress now enjoys having 59 Members of Parliament which makes them to the political Party with the highest number of seats .

However, the APC has no control over Parliament because they do not have the Majority of the seats.

By definition , a political party can only be called the Majority Party in Parliament if it in controls 50% Plus 1 seats of the seats .

At a full strength of 146 Mps a party can only control the Majority if it controls 50% of the 146 seats plus at least one more seat.

For this current Parliament, it means the APC needs 73+1 totalling 74 seats before it can be called the Majority Party.

Even when the APC had 68 MPS back in the year of the life of this Parliament , the APC was not the Majority Party as they did not have 74 Seats.

The Governing SLPP with only 58 MPS has been able to pass Bills and get Presidential nominee to be approved with the help of some C4C MPS, Independent MPS .

Paramount Chief Maps Joining the 58 SLPP Maps to approve persons whom the APC disapproved of.

Until the life of this Parliament ends, no party has the right to be called a Majority Party. They can only be called the Party with the Highest number of seats.