President Bio Has Not Achieved All, But Has Done Significantly Well to be Appreciated

In the last three years, there has been so much grumbled among Sierra Leoneans about the status of the economy. We sometimes failed to realize how it was when this Government came to power. I know some will say that they promised to fix it when they took over but would it be within these three year? There is an adage by Herodotus which says “Some times humans can’t have all good things together, just as there is no single country able to provide all good things for itself”.

The President, HE Rtd Brig Julius Maada Bio is fixing the country, except otherwise of mischief and Negative Propaganda that is Perpetuated by some nation wreckers. The numerous Policies and projects undertaken by this Government cannot be relegated to the background in terms of the debate on national development.

From the introduction and execution of policies and projects such as the Free Quality Education, Increment of Pensions, etc, We can not entirely say that the SLPP Government has failed in its promise to the people. Notwithstanding, We agree that there are challenges. Yes, there’s still more room for improvement. However, the Maada Bio Government has done so much to be appreciated and prided as milestone achievements.

Every great vision comes with tough challenges. The difficulty with the President Maada Bio-led Government is not with delivery of its mandate rather it’s with poor communication strategy. In many observations done across various social media communications platforms, Government communicators seem to attempt to paint a picture that argues that the current Government should be scored a hundred percent. Such a strategy is a non-starter.

It is Public knowledge that President Bio had performed exceedingly well but cannot be scored a hundred percent. In all sectors of the economy; Education, Health, Road, Agriculture, Foreign Affairs, Trade and Industry, Youth, Labor, Fisheries, Sport, etc. there is at least one achievement to highlight despite the challenges that the sector may be faced with. What we know is that President Bio has not entirely succeeded but is on course to succeed as a remarkable visionary leader.

Let me conclude by suggesting that no Sierra Leonean in his or her citizenry senses could be against the country being fixed. The disagreement lies with mischief shrouding for the removal of the President in the coming election. President Bio has done and is doing what others could not do during the “tolongbo” era. Moving forward, the Government communication wing should set up the strategies by accepting the challenges facing the various policies and programs of government whilst consciously throwing light on the milestone achievements chalked thus far regardless of the obstacles



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