Corruption Rocks Mining Indistry “Sacred Cow” Messes Up

The level of corruption perpetuated by some key government officials has become a serious concern to the flocks of investors pouring into the country, to do business and provide jobs for Sierra Leoneans.

Alas! some of the corrupt practices perpetuated by some of the key Government Officials are those very close to the Presidency. Sources at State House have revealed that they have explained to some “investor- victims” that the proximity between them and the President is very thin, close and near.

Whether, this is a way to raise their fees or commissions from the unsuspecting “investor victims” is yet unknown, but there are clear indications that the Director General/Managing Director of the National Mining Agency (NMA) Mr Julius Mattai is not left behind and has not been able to distance himself from corruption in the mining industry. which is now making a mockery of the situation and the fight against Corruption in the Country.

Mr Julius Mattai has always been very boastful about his relationship with the President of Sierra Leone, sources say he has gone ahead to advertise this hidden fact that the current President of Sierra Leone was

his schoolmate at the Government Bo School, therefore, it’s difficult for him to be sacked by him “President Bo camion Sack me” He was quoted to have remarked in several different places he finds himself. While it is not wrong to be a schoolmate of a sitting President, it is very wrong to abuse the relationship or use the privilege to perpetuate corruption at any level.

This braggadocio pronouncement of Julius Mattel has resulted in many people perceiving him as one of the “Sacred cows” of the SLPP administration who could be seen as one of President Bio’s untouchables.

It remains unclear whether President Julius Maada Bio is aware of the alleged US$ 3 million bribe for a mining license that the double dipper and braggadocio schoolmate of the Bo Government Secondary School allegedly benefitted from, which has caused bad blood between two or more mining companies that has demonstrated interest in the Bauxite deposits at the Port Loko District. Sources say perhaps Julius Mattai will explain to his Bo Schoolmate about the alleged US$ 3 million bribe for a mining License,

The bribery has been linked to several fronts that are competing for the Mining License, but the key among them is the CTC Mining Company. Fingers are now pointed at the Director General/Managing Director of NMA as being the front runner who allegedly negotiated for the alleged amount to serve as a stimulant. It is reported that a businessman of middle-east extraction is alleged to have links with the bribers who have in their team a Palestinian Envoy to Sierra Leone that is proudly behind the shameless deal utilizing a senior Statehouse operative. The operative at Statehouse reportedly secured the consultancy from one notorious con man called Fassallay Tarawallie a mentally retarded businessman who was partially treated in Mali and refused to undertake a thorough mental rehabilitation. He is currently parading the country as if he had recovered and it takes little effort to sense his mental instability. The disgraceful manner the transaction which could be described as a sham was been executed by the Ministry of Mines, EPA, Integers, MAB and NMA is a clear case of conspiracy against the Presidency and the State of Sierra Leone. It is also seen by many as a backstabbing the Presidency. Further, c several key officials of Government at the State House and the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources have this to say. “How the owner of

Integers, Julius Maitai carried out the rushed environmental impact assessment studies and Public disclosures are very deceitful to Government and fraudulent” What is unfortunate to know is that the same Julius Mattai is the Director General of the National Minerals Agency and also the owner with 100% sharesofINTEGEMS that issued out certificates to Mining Companies that fulfil the requirements to engage in mining activities in the country.

In a related development, the Paramount Chiefs and Landowners of the Marampa and Maforki Chiefdoms in the Port Loko district have refused to accept a new Bauxite Mining Company in their chiefdoms.

It is reported that the CTC Mining (SL) Limited Company allegedly secured its Bauxite Mining concession through fictitious and dubious means pampered by bribery. The process leading to the issuance of the Bauxite Mining License to CTC Mining (SL) Limited is reportedly wrapped in corruption, which has been endorsed by Julius Mattai

Several double dealings and deceptions have taken over the operations of the Mining Industry in Sierra Leone, which Julius Mattai is aware of and strictly promoting to his benefit. Sources say he needs huge funding to accomplish his

$ 5 million Smart House project at

Hastings. He has reportedly poured lots of money into this dream house project, which he doubled dipped from the meagre state resources.

Documents in this edition showed the owners of the CTC Mining Company and how shares have been

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allocated to most of them. A company from Turkey that made no impact in the Republic of Guinea and moved to Freetown-Sierra Leone under the guise of doing business in the country It remains very unclear as to what kind of business the Turkish nationals are doing in the country (more to come)


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