The contempt President Bio is showing towards Sierra Leoneans is unimaginable. How can a whole President just disappear from sight, not letting anybody know his whereabouts ?

The Sierra Leone President, Maada Bio,has disappeared again after attending an internet summit in London. All other attendees have returned home. Bord bin wan fly una go shake tik pan am. E don loss back. There is no information whatsoever about the whereabouts of the president for weeks now / Periodically, rumors emerge that he has showed up in Italy or Lebanon or some other country but there are no official reports about where the President has gone after the London summit.

Shame on our country.

SLPP, stop saying it is nobody’s business. The President has a moral and legal duty to keep the people apprised about his every public whereabout and activities . The people have a right to know where President Bio is and why he he has still not returned home after the London summit.

President Bio is just lawless and has no respect for the principles of transparency, accountability and probity in governance. He is not civilized and he treats the people with levity and disregard. He cares the least for his people’s beliefs and feelings.

Any civilized president would name members of his delegation, keep the people abreast about his every activity and movements through countries . When you become president, you no longer belong to yourself . You are public property. President Bio never informed the nation about the names and number of the people in his delegation. Nor did he inform the nation that he will stay over in Europe after the London Summit.

How can the president of a nation just disappear from the face of the earth, while continuing to collect Per diem, without making anybody know his whereabouts ? All the heads of state and participants who attended the London Summit have since returned to their countries. But going two weeks now, President Bio ‘s whereabouts after the meeting are not known . Is it not a shame ?

President Bio did the same thing last year. He just vanished after a trip to Lebanon, throwing the whole nation into speculations of all kinds about the whereabouts of their president. For three weeks, the president’s whereabouts were unknown, until his wife came on social media to gloat that they had been on honeymoon. This created international ridicule for our president.

He has done it again. It just shows how much President Bio respects his sacred duty and the people he serves.