The statement by former President Ernest Bai Koroma that the All Peoples Congress (APC) will win the 2023 elections did not come as a surprise to close watchers of the Sierra Leone political scene.

Some of them however may be tempted to ask since when did the former President metamorphose into becoming a political weather prophet? This is because since his loss of power the man had been gallivanting from one African country to the other at the head of Elections Observer Missions.

This is not his first time assuring the APC of victory. This may be the umpteenth time which is why some of his party members are taking his prediction with a pinch of salt.

On the controversial flag bearer issue, he is reported to have said that whoever the people wanted would emerge as flag bearer. He has adroitly called on the party members to be peaceful to reap the benefits of their patience.

The former President has assured his party members of victory without clearly mapping out a clearly defined strategy. Is he going to begin to deliver a series of lectures on “How To Win 2023? Or is he going to send secret agents to Mali again to bring the used and smuggled clothing of President Bio as they reportedly did for the previous elections? or are they going to rely on what their octopus will tell them? Or are they going to employ sorcerers as they did before they won previous elections? Or are his followers going to cause a riot for not accepting the results of a genuine election at his clandestine behest?

It is not unusual for even unlikely-winning candidates to throw their hats into the ring for the leadership of a political party that is ultra-attractive.

In this instance, two APC candidates have been appearing to be the only ones standing. Dr. Samura Kamara was sprung as a surprise at the party by Dr. Ernest Koroma after he was confused as to who to support. He was brought in as a compromise candidate who was surprised and stunned by his selection.

Unfortunately, he lost as the ‘U Sabi am’ quenched his quest. He is still undaunted and esp taking a gambling chance. A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since the last election and many more citizens “Sabi am”.

Sam Sumana like a political prostitute has been roaming freely from the APC to C4C and back to APC. No one knows whether this is his last stop. His Kono base seems to be dwindling as the SLPP makes inroads with electricity and a university, among other things. While Dr. Samura Kamara has a court case hanging around his neck like an albatross, Sam Sumana’s membership has been in controversy between the NAC and IGTC. Aside from these so-called front runners, many dark horses may spring a surprise. This is the first murky river of flagships that the APC candidates have to cross before the second and final river of the country’s leadership.

Ernest Koroma’s assurance of victory is an illusion. He led Samura Kamara up the garden path. He has been drawing sufficient conclusions from insufficient premises.