The former British High Commissioner to Sierra Leone, Peter Penfold in a recent opinion piece, praises the peaceful coexistence of Sierra Leone’s Muslim and Christian communities. He, however, cautioned that political differences, particularly those related to tribal and geographical divisions, have the potential to disrupt Sierra Leone’s peace.

Peter Penfold was British High Commissioner to Sierra Leone from 1997 to 2000.

According to him, politicians need to work for the benefit of all citizens, not just those who voted for them.

Penfold also suggested that actions, not just words, were needed to prevent violence and ensure respect for different political opinions.

Meanwhile, Penfold, who was involved in the restoration of peace and democracy in Sierra Leone after the 11-year rebel war; also highlighted the role of traditional leaders in promoting peace and development in the country.

He further called on all stakeholders, including social media influencers and chiefs, to play their part in ensuring free, fair, and non-violent elections.

“Sierra Leone’s success in promoting religious tolerance and racial harmony has earned the country respect and admiration from its neighbors”