Radio democracy where Asmaa James is Station Manager receives 95% of its funding from Open Society Initiative of West Africa (OSIWA).

Open Society is the foundation of billionaire George Soros. His primary objective is to promote democracy, government accountability, transparency and free speech. It funds Radio Democracy in order for it to be an independent, nonpartisan media outlet to promote good governance in line with its founder George Soros’s aspirations.

It is the expectation of the staff of Open Society Foundations, of which Asmaa James could be considered a part, to demonstrate high respect for the rule of law and due process.

The unlawful arrest of LAJ which was effected by the Sierra Leone Police in collusion with Asmaa James is a departure from these principles cherished by the Open Society Foundation.

The LAJ arrest is the textbook definition of abuse of power, which is inimical to the core values and vision of George Soros’s Open Society Foundations.

It is abundantly clear that Asmaa James, the Station Manager of Open Society’s sponsored Radio Democracy 98.1 fm, used her power and influence within the ruling government of Sierra Leone to arrest LAJ for using abusive language against her. As I type this moment LAJ has been transferred to Sierra Leone’s maximum security prison.

Open Society Foundation needs to know that the biased conduct of 98.1fm against critics of the ruling government, not to mention the flagrant abuse of power in this LAJ case makes a mockery of the independence, unbiased and freedom of speech the organization purports to stand for.

George Soros ought to know his money is going towards funding a radio station in Sierra Leone which colludes with the police to unlawfully arrest citizens. A radio station which generally under reports ruling government corruption and abuse of power, and also,ย  a Station Manager whose close ties with the ruling regime virtually make it impossible for objective, fair and balanced reporting.

Thus, at this present moment in Sierra Leone,ย  it is safe to conclude that Soros’s objective for funding Radio Democracy 98.1fm to be a free independent, nonpartisan media outlet is not being met!