A very big homecoming Sir after being out of the country for the betterment of Mama Salone.

Your absence from the country was to yield good fruit for our educational system in our beloved country although our Counterparts are maliciously downplaying the visit to the United Kingdom while some even demonstrated against it.

It is a grave concern for some of our political appointees in ministries, departments and agencies are totally not up to the task but clandestinely undermining this present administration to fail. Some of these public officers are not good for themselves, family or the state.

There are a lot of underperforming public Officers but I am going to focus or limit this piece to two because these two ministries are key to national Development.

First, Mr Kabineh Kallon of Ministry of Transport and Aviation is number one underperforming minister and doesn’t even know what he stands for in the ministry. He lacks understanding of this particular ministry and does not even know where to start.

This minister needs to be sacked and replaced with someone knowledgeable in the transport sector to ease transportation challenges greatly affecting the masses. This has been long overdue and Mr. President needs to step in or do something now before it gets worse.

Second, Dr Hinga Sandy of the Ministry of Trade and Industry is another underperforming minister. He is not meeting President Bio’s expectations or the populace. In fact, ever since he assumed office prices of essential commodities have been skyrocketing by the day. No one knows what the trade monitors are doing or what their findings and recommendations are in order to ameliorate the Suffering of the masses.

Mr. Sandy is sleeping while economic Saboteurs like Ahmed Mackie, importer of Cement, fix high prices on Cement making life difficult for the lay man. Mr. President needs to do something and fast to improve living conditions for the people.

Mr. ‘Talk n Do’ President these two rotten eggs need to be shown the exit door and replaced with competent ones if this country is to move forward.