There is popular call from the South and Eastem regions for urging the replacement of President Julius Maada Bio and his failed Sierra People’s Party (SLPP) for what they described as their greatest disappointment with his government. They said this is not what they expected from president as promised in his presidential campaign manifesto in 2018.

A voice notes shared viral on the new media by a group of pro-SLPP people in Bo, Kenema, Bonthe, Moyamba, Kaikahun and Pujehun cautioned their south-easterners relatives to vote consciously devoid of tribal and regional sentiments in the June 24 2023 multi-tier elections, they have not realize anything from the incumbent government.

They therefore urged that this time around voting should be based on performance and delivery, not tribal neither regionalional sentiments, as people are no longer carried away by empty political promises.

They are thus embolden enough to hold the views that it does not necessary mean that South and Easterners should only vote the SLPP and Bio as their only presidential candidate, even though he has not done much for the country in his four to five years misrule. The group encouraged their siblings to be brave enough and more nationalistic in their thought processes this time around in the voting patterns. They added that the SLPP and President Bio are yet to impress the people of Sierra Leone. Speaker after the other, charged that no

matter how much figures that have been fixed in the East and South by the controversial mid-term census results, they won’t vote back failed Bio and the SLPP to power, expressing their utter disappointments with his Bio government for failing to develop Bo and his home district Bonthe in particular.

Another southerner said the expectations were that Bio was going to make them proud of his leadership, based fulfilments of promised he made to deliver the country from under development, pointing out that even government’s flagship free quality education scheme has been reduced to mere teachers’ go slow, payments of fees and extra charges for pupils. He therefore vowed not to vote of the SLPP and Bio in the approaching multi tier elections because he has failed them and the country as a whole, adding that President Bio’s is not the kind of government they were anticipated for.

The aggrieved SLPP member added they are now even ashamed of identifying nor associating themselves with the SLPP and other people at public gatherings because of the failures of Bio and the ruling party.

He claimed that most of the proceeds of he government are being transported via capital flights to The Gambia where The wife of the president, Fatima Bio is reportedly engaged in massive investments in petroleum, hotel and Tourism.

He sounded very doubtful about the socioeconomic plights of fishermen on Bonthe Island


questioning Bio administration, as expected. Owing to these inadequacies, he therefore charged that President Bio should be replaced with a development oriented leader.

However, the people of Bo remained very much gratified to the last Ernest Bai Koroma led-APC administration whom they keep praising for his enduring legacies in Bo and the country as a whole. They recalled that the APC constructed Bojon Street, Tokonko Road, Dambala Road and other major roads in the city. The people of Bo, Kenema, Kailahun, Pujchun, Moyamba and Bonthe described the Bio-led SLPP system as walking dead government who is not working in the best interest of Sierra Leone. Among other issues people in the South and Eastern regions are badly embittered with are the high cost of living. skyrocket of essential commodities including the staple food rice, and pump price of petroleum products at Le18,000 already chasing Le20,000.

They recalled that Koroma was never a farmer but managed the cost of staple food rice, whereas though president Bio unveiled his $34.1M Torma Bum Rice project in his home district Bonthe, yet the cost of staple food remain high. At the one of the support bases of the views and opinions on the present state of socio economic affairs.


as the country approach the June 24 2023 multi-tier elections, and this is what James Gobber at Lumley said; “We should not expect much as time is here already, and there is not much can be done now as people in terms of effective service delivery by government.

All this government and president Bio are focused on now is how to win the elections, that is why all their remarks and statements are tailored along election campaign messages, aimed hoodwinking the masses to win the next election make are well looked after by the Bio