I can retrospect the days of schooling when we used to define the term Government in our Government Class as “A Machinery that’s tasked with the responsibility of running the affairs of a state.”

Indeed, this boils down to the fact that Government in all forms should and must ensure that its citizens live a very decent life and provided for the basic needs. Moreover, it’s the sacred duty of any government to uphold and guarantee the inalienable rights of its citizens, the provision of basic needs and services in abundance.

At the moment in Sierra Leone, this is the opposite as life has become tasteless, difficult and sour as the government is not up to the task to fulfill even the tiniest promise made which has to do with the “Bread and Butter”, neither to maintain some of the gains made by the past administration.

Sadly, what used to resuscitate the people has also been taken away from them which is electricity. It’s undisputed fact that electricity has become a thorn in the flesh for this government.

Despite the fact that the tariff is so expensive now as compared to the past, yet our meters have become mere furnitures hanging powerlessly in our homes.

Truthfully, this administration is synonymous to blackout and suffering. Sufferings in all fronts for that matter.

Worrisomely, the capital city is so dark during the nights that one couldn’t even see the New Direction.

Mehmet Murat ildan was right when he once postulated that……..

“If the agenda in a country is constantly changing, sometimes even hourly, you must know that you are governed by ignorant and incompetent! And perhaps worse, you are run by traitors who only serve foreign country interests!”

Please Give us our Electricity and also try to address the High Cost of Living Papa President!

The masses are suffering!!!!