It is no longer a gainsaying, but a reality that the President and the government are believe by many Sierra Leoneans as a talk and do president and a talk and do government. This reality political slogan is currently on the lips of many Sierra Leoneans as a result of the fact that the President and his government have kept by the promises they made to the people of this country in The People’s Manifesto.

In lieu of the tangible and intangible developments by the President and his government, it is now apparently clear that this team is good for the people of this country. Therefore, the people are set to give them a landslide victory in the next general elections as a thank you.

Some of the manifesto deliveries cannot be limited to Human Capital Development. In this Sector, the President has set the bar high and has therefore called on all Sierra Leoneans to join him in investing in the Human Resource of this country. This is the more reason the President has introduced the Free and Quality Education across the country so that every child will have access to education irrespective of where you come from or how you look like. Under this same endeavours, the President is now going to cease to be the Chancellor of Public Universities in Sierra Leone and has also increased the number of Public Universities to six(6) instead of three(3) as it used to be.


In the Agricultural Sector consistent with the National Agricultural Transformation Programme, the government remains committed to implementing programmes and activities to boost rice self-sufficiency, crop diversification, livestock development, and sustainable forest and biodiversity management. The government is also set to provide higher seed quality to achieve higher yields, establish new plantations of cash crops, and undertake comprehensive soil surveys to determine what crop type or livestock is best suited and what soil management techniques farmers may need. Also, the government will support agriculture financing with a $50 million credit facility, e-vouchers for input and mechanization services, extension services, and make pre-positioned machine rings available to private sector and small holder farmers across the country. The Tomabum Rice Production is also set to kickstart.

On infrastructure, the government has argued from the outset that purposeful infrastructural projects will expand the economy, support job creation, and support service delivery right across the country. The government has made significant progress in constructing over 200 kilometers of major township and trunk roads in the Western Area and some parts of the provinces. Among these are the Lumley-Tokeh Road, the Hill Side Bye Pass Road Phase Two; the Moyamba-Moyamba Junction and three bridges, the Bo- Bandajuma Road, the Pendembu-Kailahun Road. the Bo-Tikonko Road;the Wellington-Masiaka Road; the Bandajuma-Mano River Union Bridge

With the few development highlighted so far, it is therefore evidently clear that the people are on the side of the government.