Whilst some people seek to know the truth; others want to build a story using big big words to confuse and fool people. It’s a good thing we now have Google, dictionary and a former Chief Minister who can tell us what egregious means. But let me save you the hassle: egregious means outstandingly bad; shocking in a way that is noticeable. So glad we have Sierra Leoneans teaching us other words we can use to describe those that “steal from the state without blinking an eye”.

So, the real truth is that, the ACC seems desperate to find a fault, any fault with the Mayor, so they can do away with her – in short get her suspended. They are literally digging up everywhere – in holes, boxes, trees and with organisations that have supported her. Calling everyone who has ever associated or supported any of her #TransformFreetown activities for questioning. It’s a witch-hunt, a vendetta! On another day, we will look at the premise – what is it that makes them so desperate to get the Mayor. I wonder how many other elected officials the ACC is pursuing with such intensity.

The Mayor went on six trips with Ms Kargbo, FACT. Ms Kargbo is a consultant at the Mayor’s Delivery Unit, FACT! Mrs Kargbo is a professional who has developed a close working relationship with the Mayor, FACT. The trips taken were for work, attending meetings with organisations such as Bloomberg, Global Parliament of Mayors and C40 Cities – FACT! In all the trips, there were processes followed, tickets for two trips were bought by FCC, money for ticket wasn’t given to Ms Kargbo, cost of hotel was accounted for and receipts provided to FCC upon return.

In FACT, in one instance where there were monies left over, Ms Kargbo returned the unused funds to the coffers of the FCC. There are records to prove this (but those people, bent on denting her character won’t mention these facts. These are not the actions of a corrupt person who is bent on lining their pockets with public funds) – these are all facts! No one is hiding, in fact all these facts have been there. In October last year, the Mayor wrote an open letter presenting these same facts. So those who write articles, quoting biblical passages, fire will surely burn them and their egregious lies.

The facts – Ms Kargbo went on 6 trips, the FCC approved the funds, both the Mayor and the Chief Administrator signed. In fact the vote controller signed the payment voucher, the following words appear on the signature box of the payment voucher “I certify that the above expenditure has been incurred wholly and exclusively for the purpose of Government of Sierra Leone transaction in accordance with all laws and regulations currently in force and that sufficient uncommitted funds are available to meet it.”

Other facts that they fail to mention, which shows the one-sided narrative, is that, as a direct result of these trips, Ms Kargbo was instrumental in raising more than $4million (4 trillion Leones) in inward investment that has directly benefited the city and citizens of Freetown. They definitely don’t want you to hear that. The people of Freetown, this money that was so allegedly “scandalously” acquired for our city, shall they tell donors to keep it then?

If the ACC is charging that traveling to seek resources for the development of our dear Freetown is corruption, then surely the $4million (4 trillion Leones) raised should be rejected! But of course, they are not asking for that. Because they don’t really want truth or justice or fairness, they want to bring people down who are fighting to make this city better.

Mayor and Ms Kargbo, I urge you to fight to clear your name, I urge you to not fear the ACC. I know it cannot be easy to be constantly harassed in such a way

BUT stay the course, get suspended if that’s what it takes, but clear your name.

I leave you with this quote by Sojourner Truth “I feel safe in the midst of my enemies, for the truth is all powerful and will prevail.”