Today, it is Victor Foh. Tomorrow, it Might be You

The depths that some Sierra Leoneans have fallen in moral depravity is becoming frightening. Sierra Leone, a country founded on religious principles, now holds the disgraceful distinction of nurturing one of the most morally unclean and degenerate cyberspaces anywhere in the world, as evidenced by their immoral performance on the social media.

They have converted the social media into such a platform of lasciviousness that they have brought our whole nation into disrepute.

It took a U.S. Senator the other day to express moral outrage at the indecency of the Sierra Leoneans who attempted to publicly humiliate their President at the World Bank three months ago. Now, it will soon take the civilized and decent world to cry out against the lewdness of the Sierra Leone cyber world where fake nude photos of the country’s Vice-President , Hon. Victor Foh (photo), are presently being circulated with such unrestrained glee to wrongly suggest that it is the norm .

There is no doubt that the photos of VP Victor Foh being circulated are fake.

Sierra Leoneans know that those photos are fake. We are too internet – savvy and too versed in the knowledge about how moral degenerates have the artistic skills to photo-shop pictures to the extent that they can conveniently and perfectly superimpose faces of innocent people on nude body photos to produces images that have the quality of being deemed authentic. Sierra Leoneans see it being done everyday to celebrities and public officials in the U.S. They know it could be done.

That it has happened to V-P Victor Foh is not surprising , considering the fact that power-hungry supporters of the opposition SLPP , very bitter ruling APC renegades frustrated for not being given jobs or opportunities and fans of the dismissed Vice-President , Mr. Samuel Sam-Sumana , are out there seething with rage, frustration and the base instincts to revenge. Either one of these belligerent forces may have done it . Because of everything he has done and continues to do to make the APC unconquerable or because some even within the ruling APC may not want him to succeed President Koroma , Victor Foh definitely is a target. Therefore, it is sheer hypocrisy for anyone to say they did not expect it.

What is surprising is the relish with which the photos are being celebrated and circulated and being passed off as true , THOUGH SIERRA LEONEANS KNOW THE PICTURES ARE FAKE .

The pictures are not authentic. Hon. Victor Foh has fallen victim to the serious malaise affecting public officials and celebrities . Somebody has victimized him by posting doctored photos of him nude. What we expected to see was FACEBOOK and WHATSAPP full of condemnation of the culprits. But the new breed of Sierra Leoneans, who have no moral compass or conscience, are instead glorying in the disgraceful pictures. If that does not tell you how disastrously we have sunk into moral turpitude, nothing ever will.

The fake photos are too shameful to our cultural values and mores . They are unsierra Leonean. We used to be a nation that gloried in respect for authority and decency. What has happened however is that we have sunk to such a frightening level of degeneracy that our own citizens photo-shop images of our public officials and private citizens and circulate them in the social media for political capital or to pay back old scores or humiliate their antagonists . That was not the moral culture in which we were born and nurtured. Many names are being bandied around as the culprits behind the doctored photos . If this is so, why is there no general outrage against them ? If it is true that they did it, why are there no Sierra Leoneans with moral sense and integrity to condemn them for the manner they are depraving our society with these lewd and false allegations and fake photos ? Why are Sierra Leoneans instead celebrating this dark and shameful deed as if it is a heroic act or norm ? Why ? Why ? Why ?

The reason our society is degenerating so fast in the abyss is that Sierra Leoneans have become a very angry and spiteful people , full of hateful and revengeful feelings for one another because of politics . Our society has been polarized by politics and the political wells have been poisoned. We have come to hate one another so much for political reasons that these immoral depictions of innocent people satiate our animal instincts for revenge . We hate our own kith and kin so much that when they are victimized we love and enjoy it and we celebrate it . We know that the Victor Foh nude photos are fake , but our moral sensibilities have been blinded by anger, hate and jealousy because of political reasons.

We are destroying the core values that exemplified and defined our nation, but who cares ?

But we need to learn a moral lesson that we too could be victims of this deluge of hate , anger and jealousy tomorrow.

Today, it is Victor Foh. Tomorrow, it might be you. Therefore, be careful how you celebrate this latest moral degeneracy.

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Victor Foh is a fighter and will prevail ultimately , but what will happen to our country when we would have finished destroying the values and moral codes that once held us together ?

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