The Trouble of a Second Degree

Does a Second Degree fix the problem of Unemployment?

Yes, it does.

Graduates from the Arts and Pure and Applied Sciences (Physics, Biology, and Chemistry ) are mostly seen pursuing degrees in one of the professional studies(Law, Engineering, and Medicine).

These professional courses ascertain employment after completion. And the prestige associated with those who study them are without question.

Society as a whole would always require lawyers, doctors, and engineers. They build our world.

Nonetheless, young people should be open to other specializations. There are opportunities in many places and it time we chase them.

Take, for example, graduates from the English Language department. Common thought is either Law or teaching. Yet, people with such degrees can also get specialization in Digital Marketing and communications, Editing etc. Sierra Leone currently has a vacuum in such spaces. And to think that in most part of the world people pay high cost to learn English.

Or a huge amount of graduates from Mass Communication going in for Law, when there are opportunities in Content Creation, Public Relations, Videography amongst others etc.

People with degrees in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology can thrive in research, computer learning, data analysis, and other areas with a postgraduate degree in these courses.

In writing this piece, I came to the thought that specialization masters may cost more. But in calculating 4 years of a second degree and the cost of the time I concluded that they may cost the same financially.

Our world is changing and we aren’t changing with it. We still hold firm to the three professional courses when we can choose to learn other subjects and compete with the rest of the world.




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