Call her false alarmist; cry cry baby; shedder of crocodile tears; drama Queen or even a liar. All these names would squarely fit into describing the attitude of Freetown’s Mayor, Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr who over the period of four years now has paraded herself all over the place as a victim of political oppression and intimidation by the ruling SLPP Government plus having an unblemished character only to be found wanting of the most heinous criminal tendency which is abominable for public servants. By the way she has unsuccessfully painted this beautiful ugly picture of herself, nobody would imagine that evidence will today surface to show that this Mayor disrespects the very laws establishing her authority and office.

This sympathy-seeking law breaking drama queen of a Mayor first was invited by the Legislature on account of the revelations of the 2019 Auditor General’s Report which accounts that Mayor Aki-Sawyerr employed one Manja Isata Kargbo contrary to the procedures slated for employment of staff at Council. Section 32 of the Local Government Act No.14 of 2004 states that any decision especially staff employment decisions must be taken after consultations with the Committee of the Ordinary Council, which governs the affairs of the Freetown City Council.

Our red gloss painting Mayor disrespected this provision by employing Manja Isata Kargbo without consulting with this Committee known as the Ordinary Council.

However, after this flout, she then recently went to the Council to consult with them for the establishment of the Mayor’s Delivery Unit (MDU) which in fact she had long established with staff therein already.

This undue employment made by Mayor Aki-Sawyerr has cost the Council (Public) Fund a whooping Le.200, 842,333.00 (Two Hundred Million, Eight Hundred and Forty Two Thousand Three Hundred and Thirty Three Leones which was paid to Manja as travelling expenses.

One question that begs to be asked is that, was all that honesty-talk and accountability uprightness charade just a wall to hide what is beyond? Oh! Why even the question when the truth already factually lies open. Dalai Lama XIV once said “One lie is enough to question all truth”. Only if we (as a country) had paid heed to Thomas Aquinas when he said “Nimium ne cred colori” (trust not too much to looks) and Seneca who said “Fallaces suut rerum species” (The appearance of things are deceptive), we would not be here today dealing with such a statutory breach borne out of deliberateness. Yet those who think she commands the angels in Heaven would want to exonerate her by pleading ignorance on her behalf but thank God the very law says “Ignorantia juris non excusat” (ignorance of the law is no excuse).

What more appeals can our Mayor make to garner public sympathy? Gender or opposition?

After making rounds on all print and electronic media airing messages of her being hunted, intimidated, suppressed, oppressed, being fought and gender discriminated, here we are with evidence confirmed by her (Mayor) of a statutory breach which has unduly ripped the State of a huge sum all in the name of political patronage and cronyism.

The Anti-Corruption Commission, our eyes are on you. Let the Law and Accountability have their way.