OPINION: The 1000 Vows Of The All People’s Congress Party That Will Bring Fear Upon This Nation

It goes without saying that the All People’s Congress party was founded on a position of juju and all its policies are said to be juju-based and to be sure those policies will be kept to the letter no matter how adverse their effects to citizens, vows have to be taken.

Now the All People’s Congress party has vowed a thousand vows that if ever elected the party will keep to those vows. The Comment newspaper is privy to those vows. The vows are not only bad but very fearful. They are vows that must not be taken lightly as they are bound to affect all and sundry living within this country.

A man who got a knowledge of those vows wept bitterly and swore that if the APC party is ever elected again to this country, him and his family will relocate to any neighboring country. A woman with 4 grown up children who saw just some of the vows told this press that if APC is ever elected again she knows that all hopes are lost for her and her children forever so they will all be as good as dead.

All the people who saw the vows couldn’t bear but get very worried believing that if APC ever comes to power again, Sierra Leone is finished forever. The vows are just backward-looking that will take this country back to the dark ages.

All the gains that have been made by HE President Julius Maada Bio that have given respectability to this country again, will all be lost. The vows that have been vowed are bound to affect every man, woman and child living within the shores of this country and all the sectors of our society.

They are very dangerous vows that are bound to destroy Sierra Leone forever. From next week this press shall be releasing the vows for the whole nation to know about them.

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