Here are reasons why Julius Maada and Fatima Bio should face criminal investigation following the release of the 2020 Audit Report.

I urge every citizen to please examine the Auditor General’s Report and reflect on what the Report says and what Fatima Bio, and the Office of the President told the nation.

They told us that Maada Bio was on a private visit.

The First Lady told us that they were on honeymoon. She even posted pictures to prove it.

So why should the nation pay for their private visit and honeymoon?

Why do we have to pay for a private plane?

And why did they have to forge hotel bills and receipts?

And why did we have to pay for medical treatments when they told us all that the president was well and not sick?

And why did we have to pay them billions for their 3 weeks absence, for a private honeymoon?

But most importantly, why was the Auditor General and her assistant suspended just two days after they called they hotel to enquire about documentations?

Please see attached press release from the President’s office. If they can lie so blatantly on trivial issues, what else could they not be lying about?

It all seems like money laundering and racketeering to me. This is so not right. Now they are arresting citizens, politicians and even celebrities, just to throw us off the subject of the president’s massive corruption.

We really cannot accept this. This is a criminal act by the president and his wife. There must be consequences.