Eight nominated Presidential Candidates have in a joint release today 16th May, 2023 expressed determination to take part in the upcoming June 24th General elections.

The representatives who signed the joint Press release are Prince Coker, for PDP, Nabieu Musa Kamara, PLP, Gabriel Samuka UNPP, Kaday Johnson, CDP, Iye Kakay, ADP, Abdulahi, D. Saccoh,RUFP, Mariatu S. Turay NDA. These Political parties felt compelled to speak to the public on the following issues below:

1 All eight Presidential Candidates here representing our various registered Political Parties are active members and participants of the ECSL Political Parties Liaison Committee (PPLC).

2 We acknowledge that the ECSL PPLC comprises stakeholder representatives of ALL Political Parties that meets every two weeks to discuss matters about and around the June 24th 2023 elections.

3 We also note that the ECSL -PPLC Stakeholders Engagement has as key participants, Civil Society Organizations, the Sierra Leone Police and the Political Parties Regulation Commission

4 We have been ardent participants in all ECSL stakeholders’ engagements since the inception of the political process that will lead to the June 24th 2023 elections)

5 We acknowledge that APPA monitored the BVR exercise from registration, exhibitions and distribution of ID Cards nationwide; and remain satisfied with the entire process especially those relating to individual Political parties.

6 We acknowledge that the PPLC has been instrumental in taking decisions on key ECSL proposals starting from registration to date.

7 We also recall that all Political Parties at the PPLC commended the ECSL for a successful BVR exercise nationwide.

8 We are reminded that at a Particular PPLC meeting on the 30th March 2023, ECSL did a power-point presentation on the Voter Cards detailing their security features and how it is different from the previous cards. Of particular importance was the Voter Identification Number (VIN) which remains unprecedented.

9 The ECSL-PPLC also noted the poor-quality photos on some Voter ID Cards but, no condemnation was resolved as to change it or not to use it during elections.