The Main Opposition All people congress has in a press release condemned alleged tribal and religious bigotry speech from the mayoral candidate of the SLPP Gento Kamara.

According to APC a statement contained in a video recorded on Friday 24th March 2023 in the Basharia Mosque, Kissy Road, Freetown, showing Mohamed Gento Kamara, a Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) patron, financier, and mayoral aspirant, displaying distasteful tribal and religious bigotry to the shock and disappointment of the congregation.

Without a doubt, Sierra Leone has experienced significant levels of political division across regional lines under this Bio-led SLPP administration. It is tribal rhetoric like the one the SLPP mayoral candidate uttered on Friday that is responsible for the upscale of tribal tension in the country. Even more disturbing is the insensitivity of stoking tribal hatred in a house of worship with clearly hateful religious undertones. Sierra Leone is a predominantly Muslim country whose religious tolerance is globally recognized as inspiring.

The release continued that such unfounded and mischievous politically motivated tribal and religious tantrums are unfortunate and constitute a potent threat to the peace and stability of our nation. This is particularly considering that the SLPP mayoral candidate attempted to put a wedge between Muslim Creoles and other Muslims. It is distasteful and dangerous that someone who is aspiring for an important political office like that could make such inflammatory comments.

APC shall document such tribal and religious bigotry as evidence of threats to our nation’s stability and shall firmly hold responsible anyone whose tribal and religious bigotry incites political violence. The APC calls upon all Sierra Leoneans to remain calm, tolerant, law-abiding, and peaceful. (Provigil) We urge you to firmly disregard the unfortunate utterances of Mohamed Gento Kamara as mischief-mongering and political desperation.