The All People’s Congress (APC) has officially declared the date for the laying out ceremony of the late Ambassador Dauda Sulaiman Kamara.

In a public notice, the APC Party invites all members, supporters, sympathizers, and well-wishers to attend the Civic Laying Out Ceremony for the late Ambassador Dauda Sulaiman Kamara, scheduled to take place today, the 8th of February, 2024, at 2:00 PM.

Ambassador Dauda Sulaiman Kamara was a stalwart member of the APC and his passing has deeply saddened the party. As a mark of respect and honor, the APC calls upon its members and supporters to pay their final respects to the late Ambassador Dauda.

The public notice reiterated the significance of Ambassador Dauda Sulaiman Kamara’s contributions and commitment to the APC. It emphasized the importance of this ceremony as a moment of collective mourning and remembrance for a revered member of the party.

APC members are urged to participate actively in this solemn occasion to show solidarity and support for the family of the deceased. The laying out ceremony serves as a platform for the APC community to come together in unity and commemorate the life and legacy of Ambassador Dauda Sulaiman Kamara.

The APC extends its invitation beyond party lines, welcoming all individuals who wish to honor the memory of Ambassador Dauda Sulaiman Kamara. The event is a testament to the values of camaraderie and respect within the APC community, reflecting the party’s commitment to honoring its members in times of both joy and sorrow.