Member of parliament for the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) party, Hon. Abdul Kargbo has highlighted some irregularities that happen after the June 24th, 2023 elections to supporters of the APC party.

Hon. Kargbo claimed that hundreds of APC supporters were taken to prison and still detained, with a lot of houses belonging to their supporters vandalized.

Hon. Kargbo also claimed that the June 24th elections were marred with fraud and unfairness and that it has the propensity of undermining democratic values and will not sea t good precedent for governments on the waiting.

He stated that the entire electioneering process was stage-managed from the onset hencitsit outcome didn’t reflect the will of the people.
He noted that in a democracy people should have confidence in institutions and should know that the outcomes of elections results should reflect their wishes.

He said that the APC is always open to dialogue, indicating that dialogue is key to highlighting some critical concerns of the party.

He said the APC will not sweep their concerns under the carpet all in the name of Sierra Leone, and if they do, the people’s confidence will be eroded, and the ECSL won’t take them seriously.