Executive members of the main opposition party, All People’s Congress (APC) in Kenema District have on 6 March 2023 declared for the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP).

This came after another opposition party, Coalition for Change (C4C) Mayor, Councilors and other members recently declared for the ruling party in Kono District.

At the Office of The Resident Minister-East Rtd Brigadier KES Boyah, prominent APC members, including Eddie Korgi, Adama C.Kallom, Abdul Karim Karifa alias KK, Favour T. Mbaimba and Mohamed Sesay expressed their willingness and desire to join the SLPP as the Party they will continue to serve till death.

During their presentation, Eddie Korgi disclosed that they made this decision to join the SLPP because the Party they belonged to has severally marginalized them in every aspect of their Party activities, especially those of them coming from the East and South.

We are here today to join the SLPP because we have been disowned by our previous Party (APC) and as Politicians, it is our right to decide our next journey which is to join the SLPP. Even though Kenema District is the strongest hold of SLPP, we were always giving them hard times. We sacrificed our lives but in the end, we were treated like Ogbnanjis,” Eddie Korgi re-emphasized.

Adama C.Kallon in her statement said, she has no regret about coming back into the SLPP, saying that they were in the APC in ensuring that there was National Cohesion but unfortunately, APC failed them more especially on the recently concluded APC National Delegate Conference with no Eastern Region Representation.

She promised the Minister of bringing onboard more APC Members into SLPP including those in her Community, The Nyandeyama Community as the Community seems to be the APC-dominant Environment in Kenema City and the District at large.

The leader of the Delegation to The Resident Minister-East is SLPP’s former Minister of Planning and Economic Development, Ibrahim M. Sesay.

Sesay assured the Minister that the coming of these people is a sign of President Bio going back to State House saying that after several consultations, more members of the APC are on the verge to join the SLPP.

In his Statement, Kenema District Party Chairman of the SLPP, Moriba S. Koroma thanked Eddie Korgi and others for seeing the need to join his Party.

Korgi maintained that with the caliber of these people, his job has now become easier as those who had joined the SLPP today were his fiercest rivals as they were always making Politics difficult for him in the District though he was always on top of the situation.

He encouraged them to join him in his campaign ahead of the June 24 General Elections and begged them to come along with more members.

Responding, the Minister of State-East who also doubles as Acting Resident Minister of the Southern Region welcomed the Delegation.

Hon.KES Boyah thanked them for joining the SLPP as according to him, SLPP is the only Party that has the vision to develop Sierra Leone.

Hon.KES Boyah further stated that his Party is ready to accept those who are willing to join them, saying that they will provide the necessary support in ensuring that their coming into the Party will be of no regret as the Party is more tolerant than any other Political Party one can think of in Sierra Leone.

Hon.KES Boyah assured them that he will do his best to invite His Excellency The President and Madam First Lady for their presence to be felt in Kenema for a Public Declaration and for H.E Himself to welcome these people in a grand style.

The Declaration attracted SLPP Kenema District Elders’ Council Members.

The engagement climaxed with Political Knowledge sharing.

Credit: Head of Media, Office of the Minister Of State-East